9 Ways To Improve Your SEO TACTICS FOR 2020 In 60 Minutes

If you’re reading SEO Tactics for 2020 count yourself lucky for what I’ll show you today cannot be found anyway in the internet circle. It is a brave new internet world and search engine optimization changes almost daily.

For your website to stay at the top of the search results, you need to be prepared to adapt to changes, use new technology, find new tactics and grow with the trends.

The fact is that when you look at a website nowadays, you have to evaluate it with the thought that everything is broken, that it doesn’t work and applies new ideas to better serve your customers.

In this course, I discuss some of these new trends, as well as getting rid of trends that still work, for the moment.

This is just a short guide in the world of search engine optimization.

These strategies will change.

The best tool for 2020 SEO and beyond is hiring IT gurus or technical professionals, it’s not a random website that promises results, is your mentality.

If you are willing to innovate and keep innovating, you will get the best results.


Those who take SEO tactics for their face value are left hopelessly in the pack and always use strategies after they have become obsolete.

So, while reading these strategies and tactics, abstain from the “I must try that” line of thought, and instead ask yourself repeatedly, “How can I take this idea and make it better?”

Think about how much the world has changed so far, from having the right URL to having the right keywords to using long headers loaded with keywords.

The transition from static pages to blogs

The explosion of the internet from AOL to apps for mobile phones

The internet is still a child, and because it is growing fast, many things will continue to change.

The idea that everything is stable in today’s market is fiction.


If we go into it right away, we need to thoroughly examine your website from the perspective of someone other than, well … you.

To start, you act as if you are a user or visitor to your site…

  • What does the navigation look like?
  • Would you like to stay on this page?
  • Is there enough meaningful information linked to your appetite? Or are you just looking at another company page?


If your customers find nothing valuable, they won’t get stuck and they probably won’t convert.

  • If your site is a product page, do you have a short, useful description of each product linked to an image?
  • Is it easy to understand how to order products?
  • Does it look like Amazon or Bob’s Bicycles?


Everything must be super easy. A four-year-old must be able to navigate through your website on a touch screen. There should be nothing that is even somewhat confusing. If this is the case, jot it down.

  • What kind of site architecture behind the scenes do you use?
  • Are your pages properly lay out and correctly structured, or are individual pages buried in a folder after folder?

If you still use frames, don’t do that.


How Can You Increase SEO TACTICS FOR 2020 In 24 Hours Or Less


  1. Try to Minimize the Number of Pages and Content

Every page looks about the same so as not to disorient the reader.

Be sure to make your site architecture easy for spiders to navigate. This might be something to discuss with the IT man instead of tackling yourself.

  • Do you have links to relevant information?
  • Do you have external links?


Customers rely on sites that give them a lot of information quickly and easily. Web crawlers love pages that link to relevant off-site content, and you are judged by where your links point.

If all your links are internal, you simply won’t score so high in today’s search engines. Keywords are relevant to this aspect.

Find out which pages offer the most value-added information to your customers and link them to them. Even if you take them away from the site (you can always open the links on a new tab), they will come back to you for more information.

Think about this as a news site.


  1. Is your Page Loading Quickly?

Go to this site now: https://tools.pingdom.com. Don’t think about it, just does it. Enter your website and see how you score compared to the others.

If you are not at least in the top 50%, you are doing something very wrong with the layout or strategy of your site.

There are no gimmicks, no prompt to sign up or hand out your e-mail address. It is a very useful site and it quickly analyzes your loading speed and gives you tips on how you can improve your optimization.

What does it look like on mobile? Mobile nowadays exceeds laptop or desktop in modern times, Always, Every time.

If your page is not good on mobile, then it is not a good time.

More users navigate to websites via their phones and tablets, and mobile devices consume the market share that was once the only desktop. This is a trend, not a whim.

Look around you.

  • How many people do you see with their phones?
  • How much on a desktop?


As the trend continues, it is important to ensure that your site not only looks good on a mobile device, but that mobile should be a priority over computer users.


  1. Mobile First

Think mobile-first and build the site around that target group. Then use the extra monitor space to add more content for non-mobile users.

How does your website experience SOUND like?

More people search the internet with their voice. They listen to websites instead of reading them. They watch videos instead of reading.

Catch this trend early and own it and you will be on your way to a successful SEO 2020 and beyond. You stay one step ahead of the search engines and you remain at the top.


  1. Marketing

You have evaluated your website. Now it’s time to draw up a plan to change it. Do not pretend that this does not apply to you. Unless you are already number one in every possible search string, your task is not over yet.

  1. You must own your Market.

Start by figuring out what kind of keywords your customers use to find your site. You will find this in your analysis, under general Google search strings or something similar.

It is incredibly important to know the keywords and to own the market. Keywords may be outdated, but they still play an important role in SEO and that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Take a picture of a new website and what it should look like on a phone and tablet. Start there. As I said before, comfortable site navigation is the key, so focus on that.

The big win by drawing first, instead of hacking the code base, is that you can see an end product and find out how you can realize it later on the road.

Your mind will automatically focus on how the site should look and how to handle it, instead of worrying about how to do it.

This is a popular strategy, not only with marketers and web developers but also with the inventors of every stripe. The best product teams will ask for a photo of the end product and they will figure out how to make it work.


The most attractive content for a web browser must be in the middle of the screen, just below your head.

On mobile, it should be exactly at the top. Give them what they want.

Your users come to you for a reason, so don’t waste two centimeters on a phone screen bashing them with something they don’t care about.

Take them straight to the right things. Engaging, interactive images that lead to articles will tempt them to click, instead of going to the next site on Google.

Everything must be visible to the spiders.

Even images of text must have tags so that spiders can read them. Make it easy for the spiders in the same way that you would make it easy for your customers.

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  1. Add outbound links.

You don’t have to refer to a lot of news articles.

You do not have to spam affiliate links everywhere.

What you need are solid links to first-class content. This not only saves you money when trying to get the best content on your site, but it adds a lot of value to your customers.

Look at an oilfield website (they spend millions on IT) and what do you have out there?

Without doubt links to news articles about the latest things in their market sector.

Go to the Starbucks homepage and the first thing you’ll see is a huge picture of their newest and best selection of drinks.

Get advice from professionals.

Spend some time looking at the biggest companies and what their websites look like so that you can deduct the millions of dollars they are researching to find out what customers want to see.

You do not have to spend the money or even view the white papers to use the research. Mimic is something great. Take all good ideas and use them yourself.

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  1. Optimize your Content.

Find out which pages on your blog work best and, if necessary, convert them into a series of posts.

Rebuild everything.

Shuffle the data around and create each type of blog post under a suitable group or category, with a catchy category name.

Constant innovation means hard work. Spend time making every little detail as good as possible.

Better category grouping means a cleaner architecture, both for your customers and for the search spiders.

Renew your social strategy.

You have social media accounts, but do they attract new users to your website? Do you get anything from them?

It is time to participate. Create a Reedit account; sign up for forums discussing your business, and let your employees participate.

Each forum message has back links that are directly available in the signature. Every up-vote on Reedit increases your visibility.

Instead of having a static page on Facebook to advertise your products and blog posts, consider starting a group for your loyal fans and how this can help you.

There are many ways in which groups on Facebook can offer a much better interaction and response from the community. So give it a try and do some research to help you make a calculated effort.

  1. Being Engaged.

Use social media for your company in the same way that you would use it for your personal life.

By applying the innovation mentality in this way, you can find new ways to promote that your competitors have not considered, and you can own those markets before they become markets.

Do not use social platforms outside of their own reach.

If you are on Snapchat, be the content, not the commercial that everyone skips.

When you are on YouTube, post eye-catching, sharable videos that host your product as an element, not as the focus.

If you are product marketing, view products, both yours and others. Don’t be an advertiser, be involved.

Find and use site evaluation tools for free.

If you are stuck in how you can tune your website, ask for some analytical data. There are hundreds of tools that evaluate your website for free and offer you insights.


  1. Find out what doesn’t work and try to fix it.

Ask your email list if there is something they would like to see on your homepage (and add a linked image from the site).

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list or a fully accredited course about the entire SEO thing.

I hope, however, that I have shown you a few nuggets that you have not thought about, and more importantly, that I have helped you to develop a mindset focused on change and innovation.

SEO tactics for 2020 and the coming years will certainly not be an easy one for those who are still waiting for customers.

Many changes have already been made, and many more are being added to SEO tactics for 2020 and the rules that will be transformed.

However, you can take action and make it an incredible year…

  • You must have been recovered.
  • You have to innovate.

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You lead the pack and pave your own way, or suck the dust from others that are. If you are not in the pack, check the websites of those who are.

Not only steal their ideas about layout and design, but also take them as a first concept and find ways to make them even better. Innovate.


 Head Tips for SEO tacticsfor2020

From here you must be the next action to always learn and to monitor the many sources and points of sale that report on SEO and tactics you can use.

Don’t bother with fly-by-night methods that promise fast results, take the time and effort to build a long-term strategy and you’ll be rewarded for many years to come.

Finally, I want to thank you for taking the time to follow this topic on SEO tactics for 2020 and beyond.

Good luck with your SEO efforts now and in the future.


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