Adsense Trick: 12 Reasons Why Google Adsense Ads Will Stop Working on Your Site

I’ve recited a lot of questions in this particular issue. Many people say their adsense disapprove or that their account blocked without any notice from Google. And this has being a problem to the publishers, ill tell you that Google will not disapprove your account if you didn’t violate any of this rules.

Reasons AdSense accounts are disabled for invalid activity

1. Placing Aggressive ad

Aggressive ad placement is the means of putting an ad in the way that users are forced to click on ads without them knowing, by placing another label above ads.

If you place the ads in a way that increases your CTR (click through rate) more than usual, this could result banning of your AdSense account.

2. Adding advertisements in applications

Placing Adsense on applications such as software, desktop applications and browser extensions send signers to Google dashboard. Ads on applications is strictly forbidden, however you can display ads on mobile applications, but doing it in other to gain more money is a wrong one. Doing so will stop ads displacement on your website.

3. Content violation.

Google AdSense is network is considered family friendly, Google AdSense does not allow you to place ads on websites with adult content such as pornographic, mature and mature content on your website; you are violating the Google AdSense policy.  If you have a website that publishes sensitive content, try not to place AdSense on the website, otherwise your Google Ad sense account will be blocked.

Reasons AdSense accounts have been disabled due to invalid activity

4. You click on your own ads

Google says “how dare you click on your own ads”, this is called invalid click activity, there are no solutions for this bad habit and I am sure that if you did this as soon as they notice that no one has your Google Ad sense account can save.

If you create impressions by automatically programming, this is covered by invalid activity.

To check the landing page of the ads that appear on your website, use the Toolbar for Google publishers. The clicks made with this tool are not counted when checking your account for invalid clicks.

Suggestion: If you use AdSense on YouTube, you must skip the ad while watching your own videos.

5. Buying automated traffic

Traffic, traffic and traffic every site owner wants traffic, but nobody wants to work to generate traffic naturally.

For a few years back, people tried to cheat AdSense by sending a lot of automated traffic and earning a lot of money.  Search engines were not that smart then. But now search engines have the smartest algorithm than before. Even if you buy traffic, I recommend that you be sure of the traffic source. If the traffic comes from illegal sources, you are more likely to lose the AdSense account.

6. If you’re using a stimulated traffic source

To generate more traffic, each publisher also has third-party services that stimulate clicks and impressions based on pay-per-click. They can generate automatic surfing and participate in click exchange programs with other blogger friends.

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If you use doorways, page cloaking and many other types of fraud to better rank your visitors, Google may likely to disabled your website.

Suggestion: always try to get organic traffic. Even if is very low it doesn’t matter one day?

7. Sending advertisements by e-mail

Many website and blog owners have started to embed their ads code in the email newsletter and if luckily it goes viral they earn much money than ever, but this is legally prohibited in Google Adsense policy.

8. Using copy and paste articles

When people enter the blog-sphere without a built-up plan, especially newbie’s who usually entertain the practice of copy and paste. It is cleared that you cannot use the content that is not yours to apply for Google Adsense. Most beginners steal the content and use it on their website. This is illegal which calls to disapproval of Adsense account.

But this no longer works with AdSense, so you can correct it better.

9. Promoting of illegal entity

If you promote illegal content before signing up for AdSense, you can certainly never get an AdSense account approved. But most publishing houses play a trick here. They first get the AdSense account approved and then start linking to sites such as (Streaming movie), illegal or illegal software, sites for generating serial keys.

So your AdSense can be banned for that specific site. Your AdSense view may be disabled for that specific site. Such fraudulent activities are not allowed in the Google AdSense policy.

10. Have manipulated advertising code on the website

I am a programmer and you’re also a programmer but the truth is that Google has a battalion of best programmers. Do not manipulate Google Adsense code to avoid ban.

If you manipulate the ads to achieve higher profits, I must tell you that this is strictly prohibited.

If you use an HTML frame, i.e. two separate scroll sections on one page, try not to place ads in the frame. It causes problems with generating the report and your visitors cannot see the ads when they are scrolling up or down.

11. Encouraging visitors to click on ads

Many bloggers and website owners do these, even on social media site where bloggers and website owners clustered together. They practiced ads click exchange.

If you (Publishers) ask your user to click on the ads, this is considered a fraud click. Many people offer the user some rewards for clicking on ads.

Google algorithms are designed to capture the perpetrators very intelligently. They are smarter than you think. They know very well how to deal with fraud clicks.

12. You encourage an unintended click

If you design your website in such a way that the user is forced to click on ads, it is time to move on, otherwise you will soon receive an email blocked by Google Adsense account. Yes, I am talking about manipulated ads such as pop-ups and slider ads. Many also place ads just next to the image and people click accidentally.

You are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way and under any circumstances. This may consider placing the ads just below the navigation menu or download links.


Don’t trick your Adsense account to avoid ad block, try to generate more genius traffics on your site before applying for Google Adsense.  With this you’ll make more money than taken risking your account.

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